Saturday, March 29, 2008

I should probably document these things...

I remember telling myself when I started this blog back in June that I was going to document all the cute fun things my brats lovely children did. I have done that a few times, but honestly, I think I have talked about ME more. Which is perfectly OK with me, because really? Before I started this blog, which forced me talk about myself, I had forgotten who "Me" was. And you know what? I really do, kinda like ME, and you do too, ADMIT it!!

So, I thought I would take the time to share a couple of Nolanisms (aka Ninja Boy), because, after all, he IS my comedian.

I have the most inappropriate child on the face of the planet. There was the time he told his preschool teacher (after she put him in a time-out) “You’re going DOWN, Mrs. Whatsyerface!” (Not really her name, I promise). Or the time he told my Mother in Law (after she told him NO) ” You wanna piece of ME, Punk?” But my personal favorite was when he walked into preschool and (again Mrs. Whatsyerface) told his teacher, “Hey, Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me??” The best part? It’s a Christian preschool. I am so glad Mrs. Whatsyerface understands active little boys.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the Ninja (Chicken Pox and all) in the Flesh!


TheVasquez3 said...


i feel like i don't talk about myself enough on my blog. i even got a snarky email once from a reader of mine (and um of yours *waving*) telling me they were going to stop reading my blog because all i did was "brag" about my kid. ummm ok, don't read my blog. whatevs... (*haters*)

so what i am trying to say about yourself (i admit i big red puffy heart you) AND talk about your kids...cuz i love reading about them too!! AND its YOUR blog. (yay for that)

(and it will make me feel better about the fact that all i seem to do is "brag" about my kid)

SuperCoolMom said...

I love those smart remarks to the preschool teacher! Crack me up!! Wonder where that boy got his smart mouth?

I tend to talk about Me all the time too. Even in my comments I always have a me story. Oh well!

jenn said...

I, too, think you should post about whatever, and whoever, you want to. You're not doing this for other people, you're doing it for yourself.

LaskiGal said...

"I have the most inappropriate child on the face of the planet." Hee hee . . . I like him already.

I try to talk about . . . oh, anything I want. Baby stuff (I mean, he is all of 7 months--not a ton going on yet--no smart remarks yet, just funny faces and funky diapers). I blog about American Idol, dieting/non-stop eating, a little about my family. It's my blog goshdarnit. Yeah, I said goshdarnit. Whatcha gonna do about it, punk! I just love Ninja Boy!!!

Carrie Smith said...

Kids say the darnest (?) things don't they...he looks like he would be a comedian!

Hey post what comes to mind, I will still read. It's your blog, do it the way you want.. Oh and I can still picture that teachers face to those wise cracks LOL
what a kid! :0)

take care

Cecily R said...

The Ninja ROCKS!! I'm sure Mrs. Whatsyerface totally deserved to be called out! Heh.

I'm glad you talk about you, and you're right. I admit that I like YOU.

andrea j said...

What a fun little boy! I could use a blog check too and remember that it's those "little" things they say and do that I want to remember.

nene said...

"Oh my Gosh Kelly,

only you can post these!!" Too darn funny!! And yes, I know your little Comedian, he will be one cause you are funny too!!

"Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree does it..hmmm?"

"Say, Mocha tomorrow it's Mon.!!"

crystal said...

hahahahaha! He reminds me of Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes! heeheehee

Bethany said...

OMGOODNESS! I wished you lived closer... I wanna get the chicken-pox DONE.AND.OVER.WITH!

Alicia said...

What a stud!!