Friday, December 7, 2007

7 Things about me!

My new blogger friend, Jenn tagged me a couple weeks ago, and I kept forgetting, until now....

Here are the rules:

*Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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I know I have done this before. I will try really hard not to tell you a bunch of things I have already told you.

1. We have 5 stocking holders that spell out SANTA. Each day, I look at the mantle and see that someone has rearranged the letters to spell out SATAN. Between the husband and the 12 year old, I am gonna go crazy.

2. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I love Christmas Music, Christmas lights, Christmas Trees. My very favorite thing about Christmas is giving!! Watching my children's faces light up at their excitement is wonderful! There is something very magical about Christmas.

3. We cut down our tree every year. This year, we cut down the most heinous tree you have ever seen. As soon as my husband cut it, I said, "No, No...let;s get a different one." Well, he was not ABOUT to put it back after we had already CUT it. Bah! I guess we will make it through.

4. My sister was born on Christmas Day. Every year, we sing to her and to Jesus. She does get a little overlooked on the holiday.

5. Each of my children receive 3 gifts for Christmas. Jesus received 3, so they will too. This is a fairly new tradition and I really love it!

6. I don't usually have a specific preference for a Christmas Gift. I really, really want a new IPOD nano for Christmas, or at least the money to get one.

7. My favorite place to be at Christmastime is Disneyland.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

TT #10 - 13 Christmas Funnies!

13 Christmas Funnies!














Monday, December 3, 2007

Just call me Mother of the freakin' Year!

Yeah. First, the tooth fairy forgets to come. I never did expand on that, did I? Long story short... Nolan wakes up first thing, looks on his window sill and sees his tooth. "MOooooooooooooooooooM!! The tooth fairy FORGOT to come! I ran in there, with a dollar bill clutched in my fist. I said, "Baby, did you look under your pillow??" Thank GOD his answer was, "No, not yet." I reached under his pillow, and opened my fist. He looked under it to find a crumpled up dollar bill. He says, "Oh, I guess she just forgot my tooth." I told him that sometimes the tooth fairy leaves it because some moms (weirdos) like to KEEP their kids teeth. So, there is that.
Fast forward to today. I am downstairs cookin' eggs and toast for breakfast, feelin' pretty darn good about myself since I no longer feed my children a buttload of sugar for breakfast on a regular basis. Then, Nolan (do you think it's always this poor kid since he's the middle child?) says, "Oh, mom! I am so excited to be Star of the Week!" I look over on the counter and see his BLANK poster and BLANK "All About Nolan, sheet." "Crap," I say. I ran into the guest room and started going through pictures and stickers and all the scrapbook crap supplies that I have accumulated but have yet to use. We managed to get something together and it's pretty cute. I then threw on some pants. Had my oversized shirt on with no bra, so I threw on hubby's jacket, did not brush my hair, and jumped in the car. The whole way there I was thinking of Holleeann and praying to God I didn't get in a fender bender in all my glamorousity (Yeah, I know, I made it up, OK??). He made it to school only 10 minutes late, and THAT I was proud of. Nolan was a good sport about it all. He can get pretty stubborn at times, but this morning he was my angel, Thank GOD!
Now, the Princess of the house has been throwing a tantrum for the past half hour, and mommy has been ignoring her. Looks like this 'Mother of the Year' needs coffee. I guess it could be worse. At least I am not Britney.