Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My children are growing up...what does that say about me?

20 days until my baby is 6. I am actually not counting down the days-she is! Every morning since May 1st it's been, 23 days, mom! 22 days! 21 days! So, on day 22 she presents me with a request. "Mom, can I get my ears pierced on May 24th for my 6th birthday?" I respond, "Remember, honey-I got my ears pierced on my 10th birthday and I thought you could wait until you're 10, too." She then brought up a very valid point. "But, mom. That's still 5 years away, and I've already waited 5 years." Simple Kindergarten math, but being mathtarded (thanks for the term, Julie!) as I am, it impressed me. I did pull the whole, "We'll talk it over with dad" which backfired since dad's response was, "I don't care." So, now it's not only 20 days until my baby is 6....now it's 20 days until my baby is 6 AND having her ears pierced. Whoa is me.

I really am going to start trying to make more time to come here. I miss it. I used to have so many fun bloggy friends and now I am so out of the loop. I let life get the best of me. What I really love doing is shouting to the world. Yes, shouting. I shout. About what? Who cares!! Now, to go comment so people know I am actually still alive.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ok eventually I will stop counting how many days I've made a post. Right now, it's still kind of surreal to me. Thank you to my friends who didn't forget me. I heart you guys.

Don't let the 'posted from my iphone' fool you. It's an iPod. I'm not that important. But it is sorta cool I can blog while watching my kid play soccer. Nothing like one-fingered blogging. Rad.

I realized I haven't mentioned my kids. Yes, I still have them. Brandon is 14. Gets his braces off in a few weeks. Cute as ever. He shaves now and asked me for cologne and breath mints the other day. Yes, breath mints. Nolan is 7 and a ladies man, according to him. Apparently, there are 47 girls 'going for him' right now. He's disinterested. Kendall is a genius princess, according to her (and her father). She is the highest level reader in her class so that makes her the 'smartest.' And she's the prettiest girl daddy's ever seen. Besides mommy, of course (did I just throw that in there?)

Happy weekend friends!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Uno, Dos, TRES...

I am cold. Normally, I would be wrapped up in a warm blanket, and it would be awfully difficult to type with my paws covered up by a blanket. But, ALAS...I have a Snuggie Deluxe that not only warms me from neck to toe, but allows my hands to be free so I can type this with ease. Oh, yes. Rad.
Do you ever look at your past blogs and think, "Wow I am smart, funny AND clever!" Because that was so me the other day. I was pondering why I never went back to blogging, so I started scrolling through my old ones and actually LOL'ed a few times while thinking, "Wow, did I actually write this? I am pretty flippin' hilarious!" Not to toot my own horn or anything; I just hope I can keep it up :)

I got a couple new bras in the mail today. I ordered my size, but for some reason, they are awfully tight. Couldn't be the fact that I gained weight and now my old ones stretched out and my size isn't actually my "size" anymore. I don't care though. I will squeeze because I am so irritated at myself for gaining weight-bah! Soooo, those of you losers out there...HOW do you do it? Ok, I mean BESIDES diet and exercise, because frankly, THAT's not fun.

So, friends, bear with me on this-I haven't blogged in a long long time and I may forget and have to ask all over, but it feels good to be back!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoa. Two days In a row!

I hope I can keep this up.

So, HolleAnn, since you are the only comment I got, I will give you the story behind the photo. Some of you MAY know that I was (and still am, evidently) a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. I went to a few concerts since I last blogged...ok, 4! Well, the last one I went to I got pretty good seats so I was STOKED! My friend, Leelee called me the day before (she had VIP Meet and Greet passes!) and asked me if I wanted to take her spot at the Meet and Greet. I was like, "WHAT?" I cried, and I thanked her profusely, because frankly, that's the coolest thing anyone could have ever done for me. So, I went. We get in this line to meet "the guys" and all the women (yes all 30+) were screaming about, "I wanna stand by Jordan. I want Donnie. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!" I said I was standing next to whoever I could, because I was just grateful to be having this experience. So, I got between Jon and Joey. And I was thrilled. Danny, however invited me backstage to talk to him about a fundraiser we were doing for Breast Cancer in honor of his mother. He ended up being a bit of a pompous jerk. BUT I did get to see Jon, Joey and Donnie up close while backstage, and THAT was worth it. I ain't got no shame lovin' the New Kids. Before you try to come up with a clever name for them, I have indeed heard them all. You aren't clever.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello...anybody in there??

I can't believe I am doing this. I don't think anyone even remembers me, even. Yet, I feel compelled to write in this blog. Not because I am a fabulous writer, but because I have a lot to say and it won't all fit on facebook. I mean, how many times a day is it OK to update your status? That, and I re-read my Corey Feldman post down there and I pretty much decided that I am seriously rad. Hard core, even.

What I have been up to: I have a job. I KNOW...SAHM is a job, and it's the toughest job I've ever had. But this time, I have an office that I go into, with people I LOVE and get paid for being super anal and "detail-oriented." And I am done way before the children get out of school. So, they don't even know I am gone! So, this is what I am gonna do...PLEASE ask me any questions about my year and a few months away. I have so much to say and I really wanna tell you, but I don't want a page and a half of posts, so I wont. I will, however, leave you with THIS.

Yes, as a matter of fact; it IS a Kelly sandwich