Monday, June 25, 2007

Awesome God!

On the way home from our church's Youth Fundraiser tonight, the kids were in the back seat singing. I look back and my daughter, who is 3, looks out the window ans up at the sky and says, "God, You are an awesome God!" Enough to make mama's heart melt, and God's too, I am sure!! Hope everyone had a great day! God IS awesome!!

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I really never know what to say on these blogs. When I was advertising my business, it was easy. Talking about my children is easy, too. But I see all these neat blogs with so many incredible subjects, and I just can't seem to come up with anything to talk about. So, I will talk about what I love the most: my children.

My oldest, Brandon, is away at Boy Scout camp for 1 full week. He left Saturday the 23rd and will come home the 30th. He is at Camp Royaneh. He can get mail up at camp, so on Saturday I sent him a couple of glow sticks (that he forgot at home) and a letter with some pictures. Here are the pictures I sent him:

I told him in the letter that I included a picture of a really freaky person, and I apologized for it. I said that the kid in the yellow shirt just wouldn't get away from the camera! I know he will get a kick out of that. He has a fantastic sense of humor. I know he will love the goofy pic of me, too. We sit in front of this computer sometimes just taking warped pictures of ourselves and laughing hysterically. We are definitely an odd bunch.

We will definitely miss our Brandon this week. He is such a good kid, and we are SO proud of him!!
Have a great Day, Everyone!!