Friday, February 8, 2008

I did it-I watched it!

Say anything! Finally, I watched it.

I really wish I would have seen it when it cam out in 1989. I would have watched it every day, all day long. I did like it a lot. It was everything an 80's movie should be. BUT-we are so spoiled now and come so far 2 decades later that it was outdated (imagine that!) I am sure I would be saying the same for Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club if I had waited twenty years to see it. Oh, an let me just say....Lloyd Dobler is DEFINITELY no Duckie! All in all, it was a great movie. It did not disappoint. I am sorry, though...John Cusack is a dork. He really is. I didn't really like him back them, and I still think he's nerdy now. I was definitely more into the Emilio Estevez type then. It took me years to realize that I was in love with Duckie and not Blaine.

OH...on another note, but kinda the same...The other day, my son Brandon was hanging out with a kid named Dylan. I told Zac (my husband), "Oh how cute, Brandon and Dylan!!" Brandon was confused, as was Dylan. Zac says, "Honey, they have no idea what you are laughing about. THAT show was 20 years ago." I said, "No way!! 90210 was only like a couple years ago!" Then I counted. 90210 actually began 18 years ago. Craziness!! I AM old.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Block" of some sort

I don't consider myself much of a writer, so it can't be "Writer's Block." I just don't have much to say these days. My kids are driving me nuts starting at about 4 pm every day-nothing new there. I finished watching ALL the Grey's anatomy seasons and am officially "caught up"- can you say "Neglectful Mother??" Now I cannot wait until there are new episodes!
We went to Disneyland. It was fun. Just fun. Not amazing, not magical, just fun. Why, do you ask?? Yep-you guessed it. I missed the kids. I thought it would be awesome without them, but it was just fun. There's just something a little strange about a 32-year-old woman jumping up and down with excitement (yep, actually happened) because she sees Cinderella. There's nothing strange about it when there is a 3-year-old little girl by her side. We did have a good time, but I go sick. Had to happen eventually, right? Next time, we are SO taking the brats.
Our crab feed went well, too. We raised $4200 for our MOPS program, so the coordinator for next year should be set. So, that's awesome.
OH-here is some BIG news! I rented SAY ANYTHING!! Just read the link, you'll see why it matters. Haven't watched it JUST yet, but I will. Maybe tonight, even.
I have been busy. One thing about me is I have a hard time juggling lots of things at once. Which means I have been a horrible, no good, neglectful bog buddy. I apologize and I vow to be a better commenter from here on out. Unless, of course, I get busy again. Then I will fall off the face of the planet, and do another apology post when I come back. Love ya, love your outfit!!