Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo Story #4

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

If you have ever read any posts about my son, Nolan (aka Ninja Boy), then you know he is a handful, to say the least. He is all boy and already at 6, he doesn't take crap from no one. No one that is, except for his "best friend" Jaydin. Jaydin is a little DIVA. She is absolutely, positively 110% G-I-R-L. You'd think that they would hate each other given the fact that they are polar opposites.

I know why Nolan likes her. She's the only person (besides family) that has put him in his place, and my boy LOVES a challenge.

Jaydin's mom, Monica (my BFF) took Nolan and Jaydin to a friend from Preschool's birthday party and then to another party for a family friend last summer. At the family party, Nolan and Jaydin decided to get in the hot tub. As they are getting in, a friend of Jaydin's family said, "Oh, Jaydin, is this your boyfriend, Nolan?" Nolan immediately pipes in and says, "NO!" Jaydin, at the same time, says, "Yes." She hears Nolan say "no" and she glares at him and says, "Nolan, you ARE my boyfriend, and THAT'S just the way it is!" Dude, I hope he keeps this girl forever!!