Friday, February 1, 2008

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Tonight is FINALLY the Crab Feed that my MOPS group has been preparing for since September. Thank GOD it's the day!! Then, after that, my husband and I are driving to Los Angeles and going to Disneyland! You did read that HUSBAND and I!! I can;t remember the last time we got away by ourselves for fun! I did promise the ninja I would get a picture of Buzz and Woody. Other than that, the kids aren't too disappointed. Why should they be?? they get a weekend with Grandma and junk food!! Have a fun, safe weekend, everyone! I should be back in the game on Monday!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 13 #18

13 Christian Pick Up Lines
I can do this, because I AM a Christian, plus they are HILARIOUS!! I know I haven't been around all week-no comments, no nothing. Believe me, I wish I was around. I am halfway in charge of a Crab Feed this Friday, and that's all I have been doing all week! Ahhh! I promise to get back in the game by Monday!! I love you all!!

1. You know Jesus? Hey, me too!
2. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
3. The word says "Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry"; how about dinner?
4. You don't have an accountability partner? Me neither.
5. Is it a sin that you stole my heart?
6. Nice bracelet. What would Jesus date? I mean "do".
7. Do you believe in Divine appointment?
8. Have you ever tried praying at a drive in movie before?
9. (For the ladies) Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me.
10. My friend told me to come and meet you, he said that you are a really nice person. I think you know him. Jesus, yeah, that's his name.
11. God told me to come talk to you.
12. I know a church where we could go and talk.
13. (my Personal Favorite) What? Friends listen to Amazing Grace in the dark.