Thursday, January 10, 2008

TT # 15 - 13 Blogs I love and WHY I love them

Here they are-in NO particular order... I love reading all your blogs, but here are 13 that are on my sidebar that I visit daily (no, I don't always comment) and here are the reasons these blogs ROCK! It sure is hard coming up with different adjectives to describe so many FANTABULOUS women!!

OK. I KNEW I was going to forget someone. I had actually THOUGHT I put this one in and my stupid computer was taking so long to load, I must have erased it on accident. (Could it be because I am downloading season 1 of Grey's Anatomy while I am doing this??)
Anyway, because of this, I am starting my list of 13 from ZERO.

0. Pants Optional - I love this blog because Sheri is so sweet. She is so obviously in love with her children and her husband. Her kids are GORGEOUS, too. Go look. Check out her daughter's hair. To. Die. For. Seriously.

1.Love Conquers All - Jeannene is my "real life" friend. I have known her for a few years. She is passionate about life and has a unique eye for all things creative. I couldn't imagine never having gotten to know Jeannene. I love her and her children and she is a very special part of my life. In her family, it is truly apparent that Love DEs Conquer All.

2.My Chaos My Bliss - Cecily is hilarious. If you have read this blog, you know that. Sometimes when she writes, I feel like she is my soul sister. She could write my posts for me half the time. I have enjoyed getting to know her, even if she does use words like "costed." I will keep the red pen put away this one time. Her Chaos is Our Enjoyment!

3. Enjoying The Ride - Jenn is amazing. She is sweet and inspiring. In fact, she was my inspiration for this Thursday 13. I hope to get to know her better, since we are fairly new blog friends. Hop on, friends, you WILL enjoy this ride!

4. Sarcastic Mom - DUDE-Lotus is so funny! Just look at her blog name. Sometimes you just need a little sarcasm (or a lot, in this case) in your life. If for no other reason, read this blog for the pictures. She has the most hilarious pictures on here. Braden's poop picture makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I see it, but that's ok. The pictures of herself in various poses is cute, too!

5. TheVasquez3 - Holleeann is an incredible woman. The way she adores her daughter is so admirable. She is so obviously Jordan's mother, even if not by blood. The photos she posts are filled with love and I think she deserves a ton of credit just for being the woman that she is. Plus, she's adorable, and her blog portrays that!

6. The World Through The Eyes of Me - Leeann's blog has me in tears 75% of the time I read it. The compassion this woman has in her heart is remarkable. I admire her greatly and I LOVE her blog. She is fun, yet serious at times, too. If only everyone could see life through these same eyes.

7. From the Mixed-Up Files of Crystal - Crystal cracks me up. Her witty intellect is awesome. Plus, she loves the Office, as I do. And anyone who loves the Office is too cool for school. And she is.

8. Truly Delightful in Every Way?? - Julia (aka Crazy Mama of 6. yes, SIX!) is fantastic. First, she's a mother of SIX and still not completely insane (notice I said 'completely'), second she is a cancer survivor. and third, she is RAD! She makes me laugh every time I read her blog. She really is TRULY delightful.

9. Eccentricities Studio - I am actually just getting to know Dana, but it is obvious just from her blog that she is a fabulous person and a creative being! I am glad I am getting to know her!!

10. Playgroups are No Place For Children - Jennifer aka Binky Bitch cracks me up! Seriously. I can get my daily dose of humor with one click. Can you all tell I love to laugh??

11. Queen of the Mayhem - The Queen is so flippin' funny, I laugh out loud and nearly wet my pants every time I read her blog. Her juvenile humor is awesome. Reminds me of Beavis and Butthead. I think I like it so much because I do it, too. She's funny and she's a teacher, which is what I am in school for. So she double rocks.

12. Full Plate - MamaLee's blog is very entertaining. Her three children say and do the sweetest and naughtiest things. I love reading about her daily adventures. I got to know a lot about her, and she really does Rock. Plus, she is a Starbucks fanatic, like me. Starbucks fanatics unite! Her plate is full, and after reading this blog, you will be full as well.

13. God's Greatest Gift to me - Another of my "real life" friends. She doesn't blog too often, but I can assure you that she is an AMAZING woman. She is an awesome wife, mother and friend. I know if I need to vent and get some sane advice, I can call Lisa. She puts things into perspective and is so incredibly humble. I love her to pieces. We really need to hang out more, though. She is one of God's amazing Gifts

All of these blogs inspire me in one way or another. I am not a "writer", so I don't have a way with words like many of these women. So many of these women are like professional writers and stuff and when you read their blogs you really feel as if you are experiencing it with them. That's one of my favorite parts of blogging. I do need to get better at commenting, though. I don't leave messages on machines, either.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back when I was a Kid...

We went to Taco Bell Yesterday. We were just going for a quick snack, so I told everyone to just get one item. We sat down and I started talking to Zac, my husband. I said, "When I was in High School, we came here every day. I always got three bean burritos and a water for $2.00. They were only 59¢ each! Now, they are what? 99¢??" Then my 12 year old says, "Man, I wish I could go back and live in the OLDEN DAYS, too!" This really stinks...I guess I am getting old.