Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My children are growing up...what does that say about me?

20 days until my baby is 6. I am actually not counting down the days-she is! Every morning since May 1st it's been, 23 days, mom! 22 days! 21 days! So, on day 22 she presents me with a request. "Mom, can I get my ears pierced on May 24th for my 6th birthday?" I respond, "Remember, honey-I got my ears pierced on my 10th birthday and I thought you could wait until you're 10, too." She then brought up a very valid point. "But, mom. That's still 5 years away, and I've already waited 5 years." Simple Kindergarten math, but being mathtarded (thanks for the term, Julie!) as I am, it impressed me. I did pull the whole, "We'll talk it over with dad" which backfired since dad's response was, "I don't care." So, now it's not only 20 days until my baby is 6....now it's 20 days until my baby is 6 AND having her ears pierced. Whoa is me.

I really am going to start trying to make more time to come here. I miss it. I used to have so many fun bloggy friends and now I am so out of the loop. I let life get the best of me. What I really love doing is shouting to the world. Yes, shouting. I shout. About what? Who cares!! Now, to go comment so people know I am actually still alive.