Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Story #3

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I had to actually publish this a day late (sorry!) since I couldn't actually save the image to my computer. You get a link instead, but I assure you-it's worth it.

I fully intended on sharing a different picture (actually I couldn't decide which one out of 3!) but they are all on my desktop, which, of course, won't start up for me right now. Sooooo, I am on hubby's lap top (as usual) and I had to scrounge for a 'photo story' pic. I am completely aware that nothing can top last week's (I know you're all still seething with envy, don't be hatin'), but this is what I came up with.

In the central valley of California where we live, it gets HOT. OK, not as hot as YOU in Arizona and stuff, but Hot enough. Like 112 degrees hot. The first summer we lived here (coming from the ocean where it rarely gets above 80), I *made* hubby (read: cried and cried until he agreed) put the house on the market, 'cause I wanted to go HOME! Well, for some reason (God!) the house couldn't sell, despite the reasonable asking price and the crazy hot housing market. Zac pleaded to me to try and stay one more year and if I still hated it, then we could sell it. I agreed. After that year, I realized I liked my friends and my life here and agreed to stay indefinitely. On one condition (c' gotta have conditions!). We had to get a pool. SO, we had it designed and it had a separate little shelf section that was only 18 inches deep so the babies could chill out without me freaking out. I saw the design on paper and we looked it over and couldn't quite figure out what in the world was so awkward about the design.
Finally, it comes to me. I say to the pool designer, "Um, Fred, uh, um, doesn't it look kind of like a, um, uh, penis??" My husband shot me "the glare," but he knew darn well he was thinking it, too! Fred assured me it would not look like genitalia. I beg to differ.

Bird's Eye View of my house

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