Monday, October 20, 2008

This is my kid. My middle schooler who turned 13 last Tuesday. Yeah, I am feeling a wee bit old. Isn't he cute? Yeah, the girls think so.
In fact, last month, we went to the carnival in town. Brandon and his buddies go off on their own and are to meet back with me and Zac. Well, he meets us and I notice his hat is gone. So I ask him, "Hey, buddy, where is your hat?" SO, he gets all bugged and says, "Some girl took it. She's with Kaitlyn." I know who Kaitlyn is, so I tell Brandon if I see her, I will get it. About an hour later I see some girl wearing his hat. I look next to her and see Kaitlyn (just so I know I have the right girl). I walk up to this nice girl and say, "Hi. May I please have my son's hat back?" She says, "Oh, you're Brandon's mom?" I tell her yes I am and she says, "Oh, I have talked to you on the phone. I am Jessica, Brandon's girlfriend." I just look at her and she says, "OH, I guess Brandon didn't tell you about me. He said he was going to tell you." He had told me about this girl, but he told me she thought he was her boyfriend but he didn't like her. Anyway, I said, "Oh, the reason he didn't tell me about you is probably because Brandon is not ALLOWED to have a girlfriend." She just looked at me like a deer in the headlights and walked away. I found Brandon, gave him his hat and told him the story. He says to me, "Dude! Mom, you rock! Thanks for doing that!" Then on Monday, he told her he can't have a girlfriend and "broke up" with her. Now he's getting all kinds of calls from girls and stuff. Man, I hate it. He's a little boy for cryin' out loud.

OH, also. On October 10 I went and saw New Kids on the Block in concert. I know, I know. Don't be jealous. Especially don't be jealous that I am going to Seattle in November and going AGAIN. Yep, I am THAT cool.