Monday, June 25, 2007

Awesome God!

On the way home from our church's Youth Fundraiser tonight, the kids were in the back seat singing. I look back and my daughter, who is 3, looks out the window ans up at the sky and says, "God, You are an awesome God!" Enough to make mama's heart melt, and God's too, I am sure!! Hope everyone had a great day! God IS awesome!!

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jeannene said...

"Hey Kelly",

I just now noticed your change on your blog. It looks really nice!! It was nice seeing you today, and hope we can have more play dates together with our kids!!


jeannene said...

"Hey Friend",

We are going away for a while, for the 4th of July. Hope your family has a lovely one as well!!

All my love,
Jeannene (and family)

Ps. did your son get back from camp ok?

Jeannene said...

"Hey Kelly", still here...just very "exhausted tired" and will need some rest this weekend. I Will call you first thing Monday morning, maybe we can meet for coffee...want to? Miss you too and have a lot to share. (We are now without company;-)!!)