Friday, January 29, 2010

Uno, Dos, TRES...

I am cold. Normally, I would be wrapped up in a warm blanket, and it would be awfully difficult to type with my paws covered up by a blanket. But, ALAS...I have a Snuggie Deluxe that not only warms me from neck to toe, but allows my hands to be free so I can type this with ease. Oh, yes. Rad.
Do you ever look at your past blogs and think, "Wow I am smart, funny AND clever!" Because that was so me the other day. I was pondering why I never went back to blogging, so I started scrolling through my old ones and actually LOL'ed a few times while thinking, "Wow, did I actually write this? I am pretty flippin' hilarious!" Not to toot my own horn or anything; I just hope I can keep it up :)

I got a couple new bras in the mail today. I ordered my size, but for some reason, they are awfully tight. Couldn't be the fact that I gained weight and now my old ones stretched out and my size isn't actually my "size" anymore. I don't care though. I will squeeze because I am so irritated at myself for gaining weight-bah! Soooo, those of you losers out there...HOW do you do it? Ok, I mean BESIDES diet and exercise, because frankly, THAT's not fun.

So, friends, bear with me on this-I haven't blogged in a long long time and I may forget and have to ask all over, but it feels good to be back!


Crazymamaof6 said...

i totally do that. read my own stuff and thing, heh heh i wrote this? funny, i don't recall writing it. yeah it was just the week's before post. not even old. but it's always fun to go back and read it.

awesome ness glad you are back. it's RAD!

Paula said...

Cute Kelser.