Thursday, March 27, 2008

100 Questions answered

I did have to pick and choose, and I am not planning on posting all the questions with the answers, but I will get to most of them. If there is one you really wanted me to answer that I didn't get to, let me know and I will answer it! So, grab a snack and read away!!

1. My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, milk is a must
2. The person who has influenced my life the most is my first son.Though he is my most challenging child, he changed me at a time where my life needed it most.
3. If I could change one thing about myself physically: My weight. Otherwise, I would stop gossiping.
4. One thing I am most grateful for in my life is my children. They brighten up my days in a way no one else can. I am grateful I was chosen to be their mommy.
5. if you were at a dinner party and were offered a dish you had never tried, would you want to taste it even if it sounded strange and not appealing? Yes, I will try everything once. Why, Holleeann? Ya gonna have me over for dinner?? LOL
6. The person I admire most is my husband. He gives so unselfishly and loves us unconditionally, and I am inspired by him daily.
7. My "perfect" evening would consist of spending time alone with my husband. It doesn't matter what we are doing, really. OR an entire evening with no fighting children.
8. if you could change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be? I would not have had an alcoholic father or a mother who enabled him. I love my parents tremendously, but those are two attributes I struggled (still struggle) with.
9. I value HONESTY most in all my relationships.
10. I would absolutely eat a bowl of live crickets for 50,000 dollars. I have a very difficult time saying, "NO" to a dare.
11. Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh? I am always making a fool out of myself in public, so yes, I would. I can be quite a ham if I am contributing to the laughter of others
12. Do you think the family of a murder victim should have any say in what punishment is given to the murderer? Yes, I do. ESPECIALLY if the victim is a child :-(
13. Would you have a ‘Happy Button’ installed on your body, connected to your brain, which would instantly make you very happy whenever you pressed it? During a certain week of the month, Absolutely.
14. I do think it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Though, I haven't lost, yet, so I suppose I can't honestly answer that one.
15. The music I am embarrassed to admit I like is definitely Britney Spears. I LOVE "Gimme More" and "Piece of me." I don't really care about admitting I like it so much as I don't like to admit that I turn it up full blast when I am the only one in the car and rock out and sing.
16. I don't honestly think I have let anyone take the blame for something bad I did. I am very guilt-prone and I just couldn't live with myself. I probably did as a kid with my sister, but that doesn't count. Does it?
17. I like my man to have a well groomed, hairy face. He looks like a 12-year-old when he shaves.
18. The stupidest thing I have said and regretted?? A good friend emailed me during "that time of the month" and I was in a bad mood and I emailed her a bunch of mean things. Not too long ago, either. I hurt her and I really regret it. It's a wonderful thing she is so forgiving. I better mind my P's and q's from now on. What does that mean, mind my P's and q's??
19. I don't enjoy eating disgusting things. Unless sushi counts, which it doesn't.
20. I HAVE been pick-pocketed. I was on a youth group trip to San Francisco in 6th grade and while waiting in line for the Wax Museum, my wallet was taken right out of my pocket. I was so sad :-(
21. I have one sibling, a sister who is 3 years and 9 months older than me.
22. I do not want more children, unless we adopt one. THAT I would love to do. Zac wants 14 more, thanks to the Duggar family tv shows. He has been fixed, though, so no more biologically.
23. I was NOT in any High School Clubs, unless partying was a club. I was a cheerleader in my freshman year, though.
24. I met my hubby at an engagement party for mutual friends. I couldn't stand him. More on that at a later time ;-)
25. After a stressful day, I usually plop on the couch and watch tv. I love tv. Every so often, I DO have a glass of wine, but I am not REALLY a Sneaky Bottlesipper. That's just a front ;-)
26. Would you rather have a super popular child who is dumber then a brick or a really smart child but has little social aptitude? The latter. I was never super popular. But I am blessed socially (lol). I would hate to have a child with social problems, but hey, at least I wouldn't have to try and help with math.
27. Blind or deaf?? Deaf. I could still communicate with my hands, and I wouldn't be missing out on all the goodness that God has given us.
28. My most embarrassing moment as a mother? It was at my 6 week check-up after having Kendall. I went to use the restroom, and I guess I forgot to lock the door. So, I am on the toilet, pants to my ankles, spread eagle, when a woman walks in. She screamed, I screamed. It was a mess. When I came out, she was nowhere to be found. I think I heard someone come in and say they saw a woman running down the street gouging out her eyeballs.
29. Would you rather home school all of your kids or send them to a school that had low academics? For this reason, I would homeschool.
30. I am an underwire gal. If not, the girls hang down to my belly Button and NO ONE wants to see that!
31. Funniest joke I ever heard?? A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. The bartender says, "Hey you realize there is a steering wheel sticking out of your pants?" The pirate walks over to the bartender and says, "'s drivin' me nuts!"
31. I pee in the shower and in the pool. Wanna come over and swim???
32. My favorite drink is Iced Tea
33. My best choice ever was marrying my husband.
34. My fave flower is a gerbera daisy
35. I DO have my ears pierced. Once.
36. I can't leave home without my bra, See #30 for the reason.
37. I LOVE MAC make-up. Love it!!
38. My secret celebrity crush is no longer a secret, since I had it in my photo meme. I am not ashamed to admit it's Justin Timberlake. He has officially brought sexy back!! Meeooowww!!
39. The weirdest place I have puked?? In Santa Barbara in front of a pizza place. I was 14 and I was visiting my sister and her friends got me all drunk. I never drank after that until I was a grown up. The partying in HS did not include alcohol.
40. No mile high club for me. I will have to talk to my husband about that.
41. Fave cleaning product? That would imply I clean. I don't have a fave. I hate to clean.
42. My favorite shoes are my Mary Jane Crocs.
43. My fave piece of jewelry are my diamond earrings made from the engagement ring of my husband's grandmother.
44. I don't have a Favorite blog to read. Each blog I read gives me something different. Some are funny, some I can relate to entirely, some are inspirational.
45. If you could choose a different decade to be born in what would it be? I guess the 50's or 60's. I am a closet hippie and I would have loved to live in the hippie days.
46. My most annoying habit is eating when I am bored.
47. I have grown to love my name. Especially with my last name. Everyone thinks I am crazy Irish, when I really am not.
48. An embarrassing celebrity crush I had in 6th grade was hands down-Kirk Cameron.
49. I have never seen a ghost. My sister did, though. I don't get scared too easily.
50. least favorite chore is vacuuming
51. I love the theater, but can't get Zac to go with me.
52. My favorite cookie is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.
53. I love Thrifty brand Chocolate Malted Crunch Ice Cream.
54. if you could only pick one food you had to eat everyday. for the rest of forever what would it be and why? Salad. I HEART salad.
I could eat it all the time and never get sick of it. Too bad I don't.

55. I am a sour girl, but love me some sweets when the time is right.
56. My favorite movie genre: I LOVE Romantic Comedies, and if they are from the 80's, even better!
57. My most fave song ever is "Deeper than the Holler" by Randy Travis.
58. Fave position?? I really think I like 3rd base, even though they always put me in the outfield ;-)
59. I wax my eyebrows on occasion, but I prefer to shave everywhere else.
60. My favorite exercise is the elliptical. I don't go to the gym nearly as often as I should these days, but I am slowly getting back.
61. A trait that I would like my children to have is good manners, if only for other people. My 12-year-old already has them, but I am training the others.
62. My favorite store is Target. You can find me in there a few times a week, LOVE it!
63. My favorite restaurant is The Outback, but the more kids I have the more I am loving The Old Spaghetti Factory.
64. If I could choose any super power, i would SO fly.
65. Do you like parties or small gatherings? I think I prefer small gatherings with close friends who think I am funny ;-)
66. How many best friends have you had in your life? Honestly, a lot. For some reason, I still keep in touch with almost ALL my High School/junior High friends, too.
67. I am not a cat person. At all.
68. What color do you hate? Ummmm, I don't really HATE a color. I won't wear orange, though.
69. If you were going to flee the country would it be Mexico or Canada? I would say Mexico 'cause the food is good, but my dad is from Canada, and I have family there, so realistically, Canada.
70. Did you birth all of your children in a hospital? Yep, and the first two were natural. Girls ain't nothin' but trouble, I tell ya.
71. What beauty product can you not live without? There is nothing I couldn't live without. I am not a girly girl and I don't wear make up on a regular basis. Does toothpaste count as a beauty product. Believe me, you don't want to talk to me when my teeth aren't brushed.
72. 13 Going on 3o is one movie I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. Also, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles.
73. My dream car right now is the '08 Dodge Grand Caravan.
74. My favorite cartoon as a kid was the Smurfs. I just bought Season One on amazon, too. Now, my kids like it, also.
75. If you had fertility issues would you adopt, sperm donor, etc. to what extent would you go for children? I would have gone to any extent I had to for children. We still may adopt one more (Zac is fixed), but I am already halfway crazy with 3.
76. What's your fantasy job? I always wanted to be an actress growing up. Then I could date some hottie actors.
77. If you wrote a cookbook - what would you name it? Meals You can Cook while your Kids are Buggin the Crap Outta you and won't leave you alone. For some reason, I can't find a publisher, though.
78. Flowers, candy, presents or sex? Flowers or pressies, please :)
79. My love language is ABSOLUTELY Acts of Service.
80. My most embarrassing moment (besides the whole coochie show at the Dr's office) In 9th grade I was wearing my purple MC Hammer pants at the bus stop in front of the school. It was a half day and EVERYONE ( I do mean everyone!) was waiting for the bus to go to the beach. Erik Nielsen came behind me and pantsed me. My pants were around my ankles. I was so pissed. It was a good thing I was wearing a bathing suit, but it didn't matter when it came to Erik's fate. He got a sock-right in the nose!
81. Stupid things that you still have guilt over... I really try not to carry around a lot of guilt. I feel bad for people whom I have treated badly in school, though.
82. My favorite scent is fresh baked cookies.
83. I want a Dodge Grand Caravan with the swivel seats and the table, but I cann't afford. Therefore, I drive a 99 Ford Taurus.
84. I am not a hoarder, really. I do keep a lot of Kendall's old clothes to make a quilt someday, though.
85. I am terrible at Algebra, Geometry or anything they learn after 5th grade.
86. I love English and I will correct all your grammar and spelling. It literally makes me cringe to see a misspelling or major grammatical error.
87. I am learning to sew. I have made 4 aprons (on my 5th and 6th now) and I love it! It is so much fun. In fact, I have a few dresses to sew and I think I may do that today.
88. NO way on Panty Hose. Ever. I hate the stuff.
89. When I pick my nose, I flick my boogers. Wherever they land, is where they land.
90. If you go to bed and there is clean laundry on the bed, what do you do with it? Lucky for me, there are always BASKETS of clean laundry in the hallway outside my room or in my bedroom, so there is ALWAYS somewhere to put it!
91. I would love to go n a cruise to the Bahamas with my husband for our 10th anniversary (May 2010).
92. I collect Wizard of Oz figurines, dolls, lunch boxes, plates, etc. I love the Wizard of Oz.
93. My favorite comfort food is Pizza. For sure. I love pizza. Or Ice Cream. I LOVE Ice Cream. Or cookies. I love cookies, too. Or Sushi. I could eat sushi all the time. I just love food. I stuff my face with whatever is accessible when I need comforting.
94. If I could eat Ice Cream for every meal without gaining weight, I SO would. I love it to pieces.
95. My favorite toy as a child was my big wheel. I loved riding that thing (I was an absolute tomboy)
96. PICKING ZITS IS...Necessary. I cannot stand to have one, and I will pick it til it scars and I don't give a crap.
97. I really wish I was a better writer. I can think of what I want to say and how to say it, but when it comes down to writing it, I suck.
98. My best make out session was in 9th grade with Eric Connelly. He had been around the block a time or two, and I hadn't. We made out for hours, but I wasn't gonna give up my Carnal Treasure, so he broke up with me. Ass.
99. I love The Office and Grey's Anatomy
100. I am so thankful I have discovered blogging. I love my bloggy friends!!

Whew!! That was 3 days of question answering. Thank you all for the thought provoking questions!!


jenn said...

I LOVED Kirk Cameron too! You couldn't see the walls in my bedroom when I was younger because of all the posters of him.

I liked reading this and getting to know you a little better.

nene said...

"OK, this is what I am going to do, cause I can't sit by the computer. I will print this out and sit and read it with a snack and watch my kids at the same time.

Then, I will come back and leave you a comment OK!! I can't wait to read all about it...


Do you recognize that song??


Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! we could totally be real life friends. lots of your faves are my faves! love the mary jane crocs. i have silver and black ones. AND i love pizza, and chocolate malted crunch is one i get every time i have a chance for trifty icecream. way fun answers!

Crazymamaof6 said...

and i love gerbera daisy's!

SuperCoolMom said...

Woohoo, loved reading all your answers! Great questions too! I'm mathtarded too, and my biggest pet peeves are grammatical errors. Fresh baked cookies - fabulous choice for favorite scent! Great most embarrasing moments! (I'm saving mine for some huge anniversary post or something BIG!)

lisa said...

Amazing I think all my questions made the cut. I'm not standing next to you when you pick your nose though, gross!

Cecily R said...

I loved me some Kirk too!! There are a lot of other things that I nodded my head about too...this was a fantastic 100th post!! Congratualtions!!

Cecily R said...

Oh, and Bloglines likes you again. I don't get it...

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I love it, well worth the wait, but you still teased us for so long.
Wonderful getting to know you better. My Hundred About me is in my sidebar.

andrea j said...

Finally got it all read! Way fun post. It's amazing how much we can learn about a person by asking a few questions.

I need to break the habit of eating when bored too..especially junk food.
I would totally buy your cookbook. Yay for fast meals :)

Happy 100th Post

TheVasquez3 said...

YES let's have y'all over for dinner. i promise not to make anything too skeeeeeeeeeery though!

love the idea of the quilt made of clothes...GREAT idea. i am going to start saving Jordan's stuff now.

Kelly this was So. Much. Fun. to read! seriously i totally big red puffy heart love ya!

TheVasquez3 said...

oh and gerbera daisies are my all time fave flower...they last so long and are soooooo pretty!

nene said...

"Wow, my dear friend, a lot of info. here!!" I have to tell you,(some really personal) but, you are still an amazing friend and person, and I can NEVER learn TOO much about YOU!! "I Love It!!"

LaskiGal said...

Came over form My Chaos My Bliss--loved your questions for Cecily and am geeked that I visit on this post!

I love Lucky Charms, taking dares, honesty, laughter, 31 is FUNNY!, 80s romantic comedies, Grey's Anatomy . . .

I don't like salad (I wrote about that today, coincidentally enough).

What a fun post!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Love this post! Live crickets? EWWWWWW!

I am also a fan of the 80's romantic comedy movies....come on! Jake Ryan....YUMMY! :)

TheVasquez3 said...

Happy Saturday! i tagged you for a fun (and super easy) meme over at my place. come check it out and let me know if you want to play.