Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was not the same this year. This year, I got the kids (and Zac) up at 5:15 to attend the 6 am 'Sunrise Service' at the lake. It was beautiful and the kids were quiet (except when Zac pulled Kendall's baby hairs as he was adjusting her blanket). After the service, we went to IHOP with some our our good friends that we saw as we were leaving the service. IHOP is nasty though. Not much to choose from on Easter Sunday, though.

Then (this is the sad, "woe is me" part), Zac left to go to Grammie's (Brandon has been with Zac's dad and met them there). I know I have mentioned her before. Grammie is Zac's 89-year-old Grandmother and I love her to pieces. JUST adore her. However, since Nolan had the chicken pox last week (they are crusted over now and most are gone, even), we are anticipating Kendall getting it, and if with has an ounce of cooties, we needed to stay away.

So, what did we do? The kids played with their new art supplies, and I watched movies. After movies. Saw the end of "Cheaper by the dozen." Watched "13 Going on 30" for the hundredth time. Saw "In Her Shoes." It was a on-productive, feel sorry for me kinda day.

I think this is the last year the Easter Bunny will come. We can dye eggs and stuff, still, but not the baskets and what have you. I have always really hated the idea, as it really takes away from the true meaning of "Resurrection Day." When Nolan found his gift he said, "This is NOT what I wanted." I was mad and I of course told him, "Well, Jesus didn't WANT to die on the cross, but HE did!" (We pull out the "Jesus died on the cross" card every time they complain about going to church, etc. ie: "It's a good thing Jesus wasn't too tired to die on the cross for us!")) Nolan got the deer in the headlights look and then sucked up his disappointment.

I hope everyone had a great Resurrection Sunday!


SuperCoolMom said...

It sounds like you've been cooped up with sick kids too long. Bummer not to be able to go spend the day with family.

Now that most of our kids are older we've really toned down the Easter Basket thing. The babies each got a toy and each of the older kids got a new spring outfit (works great because they needed new shorts anyway). Plus they each got about 6 fun size candybars. That was it. Just enough.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i'd be peeved too if there was whining about something i thought was over the top in the first place. yeah i should tone it down too. good thoughts.

UGH on missing out on the PARTY! i fully resent being made to stay home and be the sick kid keeper. NO FUN!

movie time is fun. did you get candy?
whoohoo for early service too. and IHOP, better than cooking , and it's all about being with friends anyway right?


TheVasquez3 said...

you need a break. poor you stuck inside with sick kids for way too long!

i hate when holiday's don't turn out as i hope or plan. last Christmas was totally like that for just REALLY sucked.