Saturday, March 1, 2008

7 Random Things

The rules are as follows:

I was actually tagged a while back, too, but I will do it again. For the first one, see this link.

#1 Link to the person who tagged you....Andrea at Raising 4 Boys
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#1 - I have a really bad habit of boxing cars in when I can see they are in a hurry and going dangerously above the speed limit. I will get in front of them and I will stay at the same speed as the car directly beside me so that they can't get by either way. I know...ANNOYING!

#2 - I don't like when people are late or flaky. I get very irritated. I am ALWAYS on time or early, and I expect a phone call if you are running late or if you are not going to fulfill your promise.

#3 - I prefer my children to call grown-ups by Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so. I think it's because I like to be called by Mrs. Kelly or my last name by children. I believe it is more respectful.

#4 - I am quite shy when I don't know people I am with. However, when I do get to know you, watch out! I may never shut up! (Anyone seen the In Living Color with the shy girl at the party, then she starts singing and won't shut up?? Yeah, that.)

#5 - I hate feet. They gross me out. Nasty toenails and callouses. Ew. When someone starts talking about feet, I gag. I gag when I think about pedicures and all that stuff. But I love baby feet and little kid feet.

#6 - I met Corey Feldman when Zac and I were dating. We were at an 80's concert (It was in 1999) and Corey Feldman was a guest star there. I made Zac wait in line for an hour and a half so I could meet him and get my pic taken with him. Someday I may post that picture. If you don't know who Corey Feldman is, well, I feel awful sorry for you.

#7- In 9th grade I had planned on kissing a boy I really liked. I had really bad breath and NO money. I asked everyone I knew if they had gum, and no one did. I tried to steal a pack and I got too scared. I drank water and it didn't mask the smell. He kept wanting to kiss me and we finally did and guess what? He said I had really bad breath and he had changed his mind about me. Doh!

Now 7 people to tag. I tag....

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TheVasquez3 said...

oh man i am laughing so hard over the cory feldman thing. did you catch his show the two coreys, or something like that? it cured me.

i am TOTALLY the same on #2, #3 and #4

and poor you on #7...that's awful!

ok thanks for the tag...i have 2 others waiting for me to do so i think i will smooooosh them all together today...i make have time later on.

ps you rock!

Leeann said...

LOL. You poor thing! Bad breath....

Who is Cory Feldman?

I played!

forgetfulone said...

Poor you! Bad breath - we know when we have it. The guy was rather ... shallow? Couldn't he have given you a chance to brush your teeth? He might have had bad breath, too. Cool that you met Cory Feldman!

andrea j said...

Thanks for playing! Those were some great random things. Love the kissing story!!!

TheVasquez3 said...

ok girl i did it...AND guess what i tagged you back for a different MEME...hey you never said no tag

jenn said...

When I post mine, I can leave your #2,4,&5 because they are SO ME TOO!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

CRAP! ok in a day or two. I'll get on this. and seriously COL funny! on the bad breathe one. that is embarrassing. So if you've never met me but one day we did chance to meet up would you be shy? or crazy? since we know eachother on the blogs? hypothetically speaking of course. i'd be nervous but probably pretty normal. i think.