Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have been tagged!!

Thanks Cecily! I have to list 7 Random things about me. This may be sort of difficult since I just listed 13 Random facts a few weeks ago on my very FIRST Thursday Thirteen. I think I can come up with 7 more, though. I DO like talking about me!

1. I am very, very competitive. To a fault, some may say. If I commit to doing something (school, for example), I better be the best at it, or I will throw a temper tantrum (youngest child syndrome? Maybe.)

2. I love playing Board Games. Cranium, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, anything. I would rather do this than most anything.

3. Zac and I played Yahtzee while I was in labor with our daughter. I won, in case you were wondering.

4. I have lived in California all my life and I have NEVER been to Yosemite National Park

We are going on Friday to stay in cabins! YAY!!

5. My oldest son, who is 12, is dressing up like Napoleon Dynamite for Halooween. He put on his outfit yesterday and was walking around going, "I'll dress up however I want to dress up, GOSH!"

6. I have an obsession with names. I own many baby names books. Not because I want to have another baby, but because I love reading about names and their meanings and stuff. I didn't name my kids for their meanings, though.

7. Brandon was named after a town in Manitoba, Canada. My dad was born in the town and was going to name my sister and I Brandon, but we turned out to be girls (oh, the disappointment!), so I stepped up and named him Brandon. Oddly enough, Brandon is the miniature version of my father. Oh joy. Nolan was going to be named Ryan up until two days before he was born. We saw some Osteoporosis commercial starring Nolan Ryan and I turned and said, "Hney, what do you think of the name Nolan?" Zac liked it and we used it. Nolan Patrick. Not Nolan Ryan. Kendall is named after her Grandpa, Ken. Her middle name is Norine after Zac's 89 year old Grandmother.

I am not good at tagging people. I have to get to know more bloggers before I actually tag them. SO, feel free to do it and please let me know if you put this on your blog.


Cecily R said...

I'm not competitive unless we're talking about poker. I'm not allowed to play with Jon's brothers because I kick their cans and take their nickles (we are HIGH rollers around here!).

You and Jon can play Trivial Pursuit together and be competitive. He's the best TP player I know. It's a little scary just how much Trivial info he has in his noggin.

Cecily means "Blind one" just in case you were wondering. Not very exciting or romantic, but maybe fitting.

Have fun in Yosemite. I've heard it's gorgeous!

P.S. Thanks for humoring me with the tag!

Bethany said...

PFFFT. I'm a little hurt that you didn't tag me :( SO IMMMA DO IT ANYWAYS :)

I hope you have a wonderful stay at Yosemite. I can't wait to see the pictures (considering i'll probably never see Cali EVAH)

Jeannene said...

"Hey, you didn't tell me you were going to Yosemite, you stinker!!" All these lovely things i am leaning about you and your are so fun Kelly! "Glad your my friend!" Also glad you didn't tag me..LOL!!

lisa said...

It is great finding out all this weird stuff about you.