Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Say What??"

Holleeann from thevasquez3 high fived (tagged) me for this really fun hoopla (meme) she called it "Say What?!" and here's how it works:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Just list 10 things that won't likely ever come out of your mouth.
3. High-five (or 'tag') any amount of people to do the same on their blog.
4. Then come back here to Home is Where the Mom Is and let me know that you did it.

1. "I love it when you yell and scream and fight during breakfast. Just the perfect way to start my day."
2. "No, I don't want a bigger car. My car holds five very tightly, and since we have a family of 5, it works perfectly for us."
3. "Oh, I love being fat!"
4. "Hey, honey, come sit right beside me and cuddle away."
5. "Would you like a foot rub??"
6. "I don't mind at all if you are late. Every. single. time."
7. "Could you please whine a little louder?? I don't think I heard you."
8. " Oh, is that spelled wrong? I didn't even notice."
9. "Yes, I have been sitting on my a$$ all day. Hand me some more bon bons would ya?"
10. "No, thanks. I have all the money I need. You can keep the inheritance."

I will just tag a couple people for this one. Julia at crazymama and Jen at enjoying the ride


jenn said...

Thanks for the tags. I did both of them.

bep said...

omg! THIS RIGHT HERE SHOWS HOW MUCH I MISS HAVING THE NET!!! I forgot how hilarious you were! LOL xoxo

TheVasquez3 said...

i am rolling!!

You. Are. So. Much. Fun.

SuperCoolMom said...

Great! My number one would be, "Oh, I'm sorry I can't come...(shopping, to lunch, etc.) house is such a mess. I really need to stay home and clean."

andrea j said...

Those were funny! What a fun idea for a tag :)