Thursday, February 21, 2008

TT #20 - 80's movies!

13 of my FAVORITE 80's Movies, Yeah!!

1. The Breakfast Club (Do you know how popular I am?? I am SO popular...)
2. Pretty in Pink (Love me some Duckie!)
3. Sixteen Candles (Fred, she's gotten her boobies.)
4. Some Kind of Wonderful (love Mary Stuart Masterson in this one!)
5. Can't Buy Me Love (I still can't believe that Ronald Miller is now a McDreamy!)
6. St. Elmo's Fire (I only just watched this for the first time last week, and I LOVED it!)
7. Dirty Dancing (Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner)
8. Footloose (Man, Kevin Bacon was so RAD!!)
9. Big (I still get freaked out when I go by he Voltar Machines!)
10. Karate Kid (I had a HUGE crush on Ralph Macchio)
11. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (I sure miss John Candy)
12. Top Gun (this,of course, was before Tom Cruise was, um, different.
13. The Toy (Richard Pryor was awesome!!)

Notice there is still no "Say Anything." I am not a John Cusack fan. I hope I don't disappoint those of you who love that movie, lol!


Crazymamaof6 said...

fun list! i need to rent some of these. i think an '80's movie fest in in order!

Leeann said...

1. The Breakfast Club-LOVE IT!
2. Pretty in Pink-Again, love it!
3. Sixteen Candles-Yup, yup...loving this one, too.
4. Some Kind of Wonderful-Never seen it
5. Can't Buy Me Love-Never heard of it.
6. St. Elmo's Fire-Apparently I need to get out more...don't know this one either.
7. Dirty Dancing-My all time, absolute FAVORITE movie.
8. Footloose-Great one, too. I can't drive by the mill in Lehi, UT without thinking about it being filmed there.
9. Big-Never seen it. My MIL informs me that I need to.
10. Karate Kid-Eh. Take it or leave it.
11. Planes, Trains and Automobiles-Never heard of this one, either...
12. Top Gun-Not my kinda thing.
13. The Toy-Haven't heard of this one either.

Wow. Thanks for letting me leave ALL MY opinions on your blog! :)

jenn said...

Who didn't love ralph macchio? I actually lived around where he did in NY, and a friend of mine met him in a heavenly ham store once. I was sooo jealous!

Jeannene said...

I love all these all time favorite 80'a movies too! They just don't make movies like they used to! Great picks;-))


TheVasquez3 said...

this is such a great list!! it brings back sooooo many memories!

i agree with crazymama...80's film fest is most def in order!

andrea j said...

I love 80's movies too.

P.S. I tagged you for 7 Random things!! Visit my blog if you want to play along :)

Cecily R said...

"I carried a watermelon." Still my favorite Dirty Dancing line. And I'll forgive you for not loving Say Anything.

I think I've seen Can't Buy Me Love about thirty times and Some Kind Of Wonderful fifteen.

Ummmmm, WHERE is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? That movie ROCKS!

SuperCoolMom said...

Just watched Say Anything tonight - waiting for the last scene! Loved Big - "I get to be on top!" heehee.
Can't buy Me love - I still have a hard time believing that everyone bought that stupid African dance. Get real.
But I could have done without most of those John Hughes films. and Footloose - soundtrack was the best! Oh yeah, Iceman!