Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little Miss Mila Cecilia

Last Thursday, my good friend, Jeannene and her family got some life-changing news. They found out what they had sort of expected all along; their beautiful 2 year old daughter, Mila, has Autism. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for them and they are asking for prayers. If you get a second, please go to Jeannene's blog and leave her a quick comment. She is so grateful for her community of blog friends, and she would really appreciate your support.

Mila is a beautiful, precious little girl. She doesn't smile much, but when she does, she lights up the room. She has such a sweet little personality, and I love her dearly. I feel so blessed, especially now, to be a part of her life. She will do amazing things! The Lord has blessed Jeannene and her family for giving them this amazing little miracle to help nurture and grow. Her autism does not and will not define her!


Leeann said...

What an absolutely beautiful little girl. I visited her site and I will be back!

Jeannene said...

You are such a dear one to post this my friend! Thank you when all I can do is process, mourn, process and morn some more. Then and only then I can be strong..."I hope!"

Love you sweetie,

jenn said...

She is a beautiful little girl!

sheri said...

Wow, what a beautiful little girl. You can literally see how sweet her spirit is by just looking at her face.

SuperCoolMom said...

Oh, what a darling little girl!