Saturday, February 16, 2008

Breakin' them up is hard to do!

My son, Nolan (the ninja) is in Kindergarten. He's 5. He is hilarious. He just is. The other day, he comes home, all pissed off. And yes, this is word for word. Nolan is very articulate when he speaks.

Me: Nolan, what's wrong, buddy??
N: WELL, today I found out that Jacob and Allison are Boyfriend and Girlfriend! (kids in his class)
Me: So, what's wrong with that??
N: WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?? (giving me the "Mom, are you stupid", look) What's wrong with that is that you aren't aloud to have a boyfriend or girlfriend until you are 16. THAT'S what's wrong with THAT!
Me: Nolan, just because that's the rule in OUR house doesn't mean that's the rule for everyone.
N: Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I tried to break them up. And I won't stop trying until it works.
Me: How did you try to break them up?
N: I told Jacob that Allison kicks her cat all the time.
Me: Did he believe you?
N: No. But THEN I told Allison that Jacob throws up on his dog.
Me: Oh, I bet THAT did the trick!
N: Nope, they are still boyfriend and girlfriend. I will try again tomorrow.


Eccentricities Studio said...

Oh my GOSH Kelly!! Your son is a RIOT! You are either going to have a really hillarious life with him as a teenager or you're going to go grey VERY prematurely. He sounds like a hoot. ;)

Thanks for coming by my blog. I've been away for so long I thought people might forget me. LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. do you still do Uppercase Living? I'd love to get in touch with you about ordering some things. :)

Jeannene said...

"THAT IS TOO FUNNY AND SO, SO CUTE KELLY!!" ***Laughing hard!!***


Hope you have a lovely Weekend, call me if your DH is working. Ty is leaving for the Dumps soon. "WHOOOHOO!"


jenn said...

That's too funny! He sounds very creative in his plotting ways!

Leeann said...

OH, that is hilarious! What a mischevious little mind!

lisa said...

That is so funny. I wonder how he plans to break them up tomorrow? to answer your question My b-day is June 24th. Hope you have a great weekend

SuperCoolMom said...

That is hysterical! It reminds me of Crazymama. When she was in kindergarten a boy in her class invited her to his birthday party. He kept asking her what she was giving him. Finally she got irritated and told him that she was giving him underwear! (obviously she hasn't changed much in 25 years.)

Crazymamaof6 said...

ohhh! that is so sad. funny you have that rule. we do too. love his tactics though.

sheri said...

That is freakin hilarious!!!!!!

Let us know how it goes Tuesday, will ya?

TheVasquez3 said...

that is hysterical!! it si so cool that he came home and told you that...enjoy it now. most days Jordan comes home and when you ask ehr about her day she says "good, same stuff" i love it when she comes home and actually shares something with us!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey Kelly, I sent you an email on the wonders of sitemeter! You can get one free at sitemeter dot com

andrea j said...

Good Luck with that one! That is hilarious that he is trying to break them up (and he's only in kindergarten?)