Thursday, October 4, 2007


I thought I would join the Thursday 13 club. I will start by doing 13 Unique things about me. I will really try, but I have a hard time remembering who I am some days, so it may be tough.

Thirteen Things That Make Kelly Kelly.

1. When I was a kid, I wanted to have 10 kids when I grew up. Then I had my very first one. It was at that point I decided I wanted two kids. Then I had the second, and we decided to have ONE more. Some days I think the decision to have a third may put me in a looney bin one day.

2. I could not say the word 'cinnamon' until I was about 15. I used to say , "Simmanem"

3. I love beets on my salad. People think I am nuts, but they rock

4. I am the youngest of two children. Some days I still throw a temper tantrum if I don't get my way. I think it has to do with the whole, "birth order" thing.

5. One of my friends from Elementary to High School died when he was 18. His name was Elton. I was going to name my first son after him. But when I had my first son, his last name was going to be John. I thought about it, but it would have been very detrimental to his future, so I decided against it. I really wanted to use it for my second son, but my husband vetoed it.

6. On our first date, Zac took me to the Olive Garden. He spilled his soda all over my lap. I still married him. See, honey, I AM good at forgiving and forgetting!

7.My dad was born in a town named Brandon in Manitoba Canada. My sister would have been named Brandon if she were a boy. I was definitely going to be Brandon, because I was DEFINITELY a boy. haha. So, when I had my first son (and the Elton thing didn't pan out) he became Brandon. His middle name is Alexander, and coincidentally, the town in Canada adjacent to Brandon is in fact, Alexander.

8. When I was barely 14, my family went to visit my sister in college. I stayed at the dorms, my parents at a hotel. My sister left me with her roommates for an hour while she did some errands, and they gave me lots of tequila. I threw up all night long and throughout the following day. When I threw up in the car with my parents, I told them it was the dorm food. I told them the truth 10 years later. I don't drink Tequila anymore.

9.I spent this morning with 60 Kindergartners. One of those three hours was spent on a bus. I loved it :-) Those kids are adorable!!

10. I got a job when I was 13 bussing tables at a Christian Conference center. When I showed up for work, I clocked in. They told me what I was supposed to do, I looked in the Dining Hall and clocked out. I didn't actually want to WORK.

11.My all time favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz. One of my favorite memories is when the movie would come on TV once a year and the whole family would sit down and watch it. I still love it to this day. It IS a classic!

12. I can fold my tongue in half and leave it like that. People think it's really weird and I have only ever met one other person who can do it. Just last week, my 3 year old daughter showed me her tongue, and it was folded in half. Weird. Genetics are strange...especially in this family.

13. I don't care much for chocolate. It makes me sick.


lisa said...

Who knew you were so unique. I am glad your my friend

Cecily R said...

Okay, so here's a counter to the things that you used that I didn't:

1. I wanted 4 kids before I had them for real. Even split. Two boys, two girls. Then after I had Gracie and I had an even split, one boy, one girl, I thought, DONE! Then five years later Evie messed up the split. I'm not trying for another boy. Sorry Isaac.

2. I love the smell of cinnamon. Hmmmm. It makes me think of Autumn and the Holidays.

3. I HATE beets. If you want a gross story I'll tell you why. If you like beets enough you'll still like them...I think.

4. I'm the second of five. In the birth order scheme of things, does that explain why I'm marginally insane?

9. I volunteer at my kids' school every Tuesday and spend the last 40 minutes of that time in Gracie's kindergarten class. I love it too!

12. I am tongue dumb. All I can do is stick it out. Jon is the same way. Gracie and Isaac are very sad that they have inherited the same handicap.

Jeannene said...

"Kelly...this is too cool, and i will have to try it next Thursday. So, many sweet things about you, i just love how unique you are!!" Like, Lisa said, glad you are my friend too!!

Love YA!

For the Love... said...

I STILL can not say the word vulnerable. Prob. didn't spell it right either...but hey it is 7ish in the AM and the coffee has only kicked in enough to help me get the FlyingMonkeys ready for school.

Shannon said...

On #5, I went to school with a kid named Frank. His last name was Sinatra. His dad apparently was a fan of the singer of the same name.

Bethany said...

HAAH! I thought I was the only person that got made fun of for having beets in their salad!!!

Just another reason why i like you so much I guess ;)

Lisa said...

That is a great list. I almost with chocolate made me sick. I'd be about 10 pounds lighter if it did. heehee.

creative-type dad said...

#13 - blasphemy!
#6 - LOL!!!!
Yes, my wife "forgives and forgets" a lot too

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I love reading when someone else doesn't like chocolate! I'm usually the only one!

Before having kids, I thought it would be great to have LOTS and LOTS! Now, I have 2 and thinking that is probably more than enough.

Crazymamaof6 said...

loving this list! you are fabulous! loving getting to know you better.