Tuesday, October 2, 2007


My mother LOVES Larry the Cable Guy. I must admit, I am quite fond of him as well (he's hilarious-just because I am in California doesn't mean I don't have SOME redneck in me!) I found out that he is going to be coming to the town next to me in December. I called my dear mother and said,
Me: hey, ma, what are you doing December 13th?
Ma: Gosh, Kelly, I am working. And I am testing a kid right now. Can this wait?
Me: Sure, mom, call me back.
Ma: Well, what is it real quick?
Me: Larry the Cable Guy is going to be in STOCKTON on December 13th!
Ma: {Screeeeech} No way! Omigosh! Really?? Where are the seats?
Me: I can get some on the floor, ma.
Ma: OMIGOSH! Yes, get them! Get them!

I swear to you, I have never seen a (almost) sixty year old woman get so excited over a redneck! But it will all be worth it sittin next to my mother while she is barking away listening to Larry the Cable Guy. I don't know which performance I am looking forward to more!!


Are We There Yet? said...

That's pretty funny!

Jeannene said...

"Kelly YOU are HILARIOUS...and would like to sit by you guys...can I..can I???!!"

lisa said...

I want to go ! Larry is my hero! Now thats funny no matter who you are.

Cecily R said...

Really? I adore my mom, but I doubt she even knows who he is!

Actually, I don't know who my mom would shriek at the prospect of seeing...my MIL, hands down, Neil Diamond and maybe Barry Manilow. Gotta love Mandy!