Friday, September 28, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Thanks to my good friend Jeannene for bringing this to my attention!
This is a Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath. Isn't it beautiful?? Please remember the women who have survived and the women who have lost their battles to Breast Cancer in October and every day. Don't forget to do routine self examinations to prevent this from happening to you.

If you have someone close to you who is a survivor, or one who may not have been so lucky, please leave me a comment, with your story, and I will be thinking and praying for these people!

I know Breast Cancer has affected so many people. My Grandmother (whom I never got the pleasure of meeting) passed away from Breast Cancer when my mother was 11. My Aunt is a survivor as are many friends. I pray for them daily.

There is a book that I HIGHLY recommend that I read at this time last year about "the personal stories of four women 'too young' for breast cancer." It will move you to tears and laughter, but most of all it will change your views on this disease. It is WAY too close to home. It's called "Nordie's at Noon," and it's about the personal stories of four women "too young" for Breast Cancer. It will move you to laughter and it will move you to tears, but most of all, it will change your views on this disease and just MOVE you. Please read it, you will NOT be disappointed.

Please don't forget to think about and pray for all the people affected by this disease. God Bless!


Jeannene said...

"Kelly...I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!" IT MOVED ME TO TEARS...i am so serious, you did a fine job on this post...and will be praying for the many who have this awful cancer.


Cecily R said...

My MIL is a breast cancer survivor. She's a stunning example of strength to me. She was diagnosed when my 9 year old was a baby and I'm so glad my last two have, to (sort of) quote you, had the privilage to meet her.

Are We There Yet? said...

I tried to send an email to you but it didn't work, anyway I just wanted to say:

Hi...thanks for the comment

how did you come across my blog?

how old are your kids? and what does MOPS stand for? I'm sure when you tell me I will be like oh

keep watching my day down the road I may be doing a give away with one of those denim jackets..of course I only have a few sizes of those jackets.

take care

sheri said...

I have 2 dear friends who have survived breast cancer. Another good friend of mine recently walked in that Santa Barbara to LA Avon Walk for the Cure and I was able to donate to that. Thank you for the wonderful post on an important issue.
And hey, how did you come across my blog? Thank you for the nice comment. I'm curious if we're close to each other...both living in CA. Feel free to email me...I'm at mom 2 kk at gmail dot com

Cecily R said...

I have a secret about the random facts about me...

My friend sent me a list like mine once and I used hers as sort of a spring board. So, use my list (which is kind of hers, modified to fit me) to help you think about things to say. It helps and it's way fun!!!

Jeannene said...

You have to meet up with me tomorrow...i have completed your demonstration table cloth, come by and take a look:-)).

"hope you like it, remember...i am new @ sewing..LOL!!"

Jeannene said...

"Good Morning friend,