Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A 32 year old Temper Tantrum??

My husband , our friend and I play scrabble quite a bit, like, a few times a week. We have all these stupid made up rules when we play. One rule is when you do a challenge, you can choose to really challenge a word and play by SCRABBLE rules or you can do what we call a "friendly lookup" where you choose not to challenge, but look it up anyway. On a friendly lookup, the looker upper says whether or not it is a word and most of the time if it's NOT A WORD, the person who played the word takes it off the board and starts over.
SO, it was MY turn. I had a seven letter word (50 point Bonus, kachow!) Gruntle. I could play the "L" off of the end of 'ova', making it 'oval'. My husband and our friend both say, "Challenge!" Well, I had definitely heard DISgruntle, but couldn't recall (under the pressure) if indeed, I had ever heard the word, "gruntle." I started to second guess myself, because BOTH of them (our friend has been around 15 years longer than us) had never heard the word. So, my husband, Zac, decides to do a "Friendly lookup." He looks it up, then looks at me and slyly shakes his head ,"no" as if to say, "No, honey, it's not a word, take it off before it gets challenged for real." So I took it off and used gruel or something lame like that. AS SOON as I write my score (a measly 17 points) Zac yells, "cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of". Yes, as a matter of fact, that IS the definition of gruntle. I was PISSED. Yes, PISSED. Needless to say, being the competitor that I am, I pouted and was mean the rest of the game. It was not even about winning (which I did anyway!). It was about the betrayal of my husband that had me DISGRUNTLED. Yep, we all know THAT is a word.


Cecily R said...

Stink-er [sting ker]


1. a person or thing that stinks.
2. Informal. a mean or despicable person; louse.
3. Informal. something, esp. some form of entertainment, of inferior quality.
4. Informal. something difficult: a real stinker of a crossword puzzle.
5. any device emitting an offensive odor, as a stink bomb or stinkpot.
6. Dialect. any of several large petrels.
7. Kelly's husband last night.

Bethany said...

I'm glad you kicked their arses anyways :P

kellyo75 said...
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TheVasquez3 said...

ooooooh man i feel you on this one. people better not mess with me and my scrabble skills!!

do you ever play literati on YAHOO! games?? VERY fun and if the people you are playing get poopy you can just boot them from your table...tee hee