Thursday, June 12, 2008

My morning of affirmations

Kendall sits next to me and says, "You're the bestest mom ever and I'm always gonna keep you." "And you're not fat." Hey, kid, thanks for throwing in that last part. I was beginning to worry you were trying to boost myself esteem since I'm a cow.

Nolan has pneumonia. Took him to the doctor yesterday and it was confirmed. So, he is laying low for a few days (yeah, try the whole "limited activity" with a 6 year-old boy!) I have been sleeping in the guest room with him for a few nights now to help him when he coughs all night. He says, "Mom, can you sleep with me again tonight?" I told him I miss my bed and I really want to sleep with my husband tonight (get your minds outta the gutter, people!). He then tells me, "Oh, Come ON, mom! It's not like HE's gonna miss you." See how much my kids love me??


jenn said...


I hope he is back to normal very soon.

Bethany said...

HAAAH! I just hope as my children get older, they love me as much as yours love you!

SuperCoolMom said...

Too Cute! Dad may have to have a talk with that boy :)

andrea j said...

No fun to be sick in the summer time. I love what kids say! Maybe a bit too honest sometimes :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

COL! gotta love kids.

i was all set for my kids to tell me how fat i am in my swim suit. and i was going to tell them "well thanks for telling me i'm so fat, now who are you going to get to take you swimming?" it was going to be my out for the summer, and dang it no one said anything. argh!

love the he's not going to miss you part. kids are funny!

Mamarazzi said...


your kids are hilarious!

i hope Nolan feels better soon and than you get back to your own bed.

bow chicka wow wow!!


Cecily R said...

I love LOVE your kids.

Sorry your ninja is sick. Hope he feels better soon.

Leeann said...

Poor guy. I hope that he's feeling better soon and you are back in the right bed.