Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm the mommy, THAT'S why!

I'm a yeller. Not proud of it, but I am. I yell for the kids to get dressed for school. I yell because we are running late for school. I yell up the stairs at the kids to come down for dinner. I yell when I am mad, happy, whatever. Just call me a big, fat loud mouth. I am a yeller.

Zac (hubby) is a lecturer. He lectures. All. The. Time. When the kids get a bad grade, they can expect to sit down and listen to dad discuss it for an eternity. When they do what they aren't supposed to do, dad will "talk" to them about it. You get the drift.

Personally, having lived with the latter growing up (of course, mine was a drunk lecturer. Zac just lectures), I would much prefer to be yelled at.

So, when Nolan told me this afternoon, "I don't have to listen to YOU; YOU aren't the boss. DAD IS!!", did I yell at him?? Nope. I told on him.

Who's the Boss Now, Punk?


TheVasquez3 said...

"Who's the boss now, punk?"


oh man way too funny, you are awesome!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Well, I hope he got a big, long, boring lecture for that one!

andrea j said...


Leeann said...

LOL you are freaking hilarious. We should live next door to each other and see who can yell each other out. I, too, am a yeller...but gosh darn it can you blame me? Seriously? If they would JUST LISTEN and perhaps DO THINGS THE FIRST TIME I TELL THEM TO...I wouldn't have to yell. *she says sweetly*

jenn said...

Sounds like my house!

Crazymamaof6 said...

GOL! that is a funny one. i love it though when they tell dad he's not the boss! not so thrilled when they tell me. and I am YELLER too!

The Mama Bear said...

I'm so laughing at this...because I have done it too.
I switch between the lecture or the yell....daddy is the punisher!

sheri said...

I'm ROFL! You're awesome.
And I, too, am a yeller. *sigh*

crystal said...

I'm a yelling lecturer. How's that for a good mom?

At least I'm not a DRUNK yelling lecturer.

Cecily R said...

I am a yeller too. And then sometimes I lecture. And other times I cry. Man, I am craptastic!!

And you are hilarious. :)