Friday, March 21, 2008

A boy who misses his mama

This is my boy, Brandon. He is 12 1/2.

Brandon is at his Grandpa's house until Sunday. He's been there since Wednesday. He is there because he was going stir crazy (he has ADHD) cooped up in the house with his siblings and chicken pox.

Today, I checked my email and this is what I found:
Hi mommy! I miss you alot. When I get back Im gonna do everything I can to be awesome for you in my behavior. I hope the little bra... I mean Nolan and Kendall are doing good.
I MISS YOU A WHOLE GARBAGE LOAD YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you,

Your loving, handsome, and most dashing son,

Isn't he sweet??

One more, just to prove he's my son....what a geek!


SuperCoolMom said...

Isn't it amazing how sweet those big boys can be sometimes!

TheVasquez3 said...


he is adorable. i know i already asked Cecily if Isaac could marry Jordan and all but if that doesn't work out Brandon seems like a good match too.

i mean if you are down with arranged marriages and all. think about it...there is lots of time!

Crazymamaof6 said...

what a sweet kid! and yes he is QUITE dashing! love that!

jenn said...

That is so sweet!

I have a 12 year olds (he'll be 13 in nov) who has ADHD too. He is such a mushy mama's boy as well. I'll be sad when he grows out of it.

andrea j said...

What a great email from your son!! I can't even image my boys that BIG. But I know it's just around the oldest will be 9 this summer.

Jeannene said...

Oh silly, he is far from a "GEEK!!" I know him personally, he is sweet, kind and considerate...very thoughtful too! Count your many blessings, you have a "charming young man" on your hands.:-))


ALSO,I hope you all have fun with Easter.


Cecily R said...

He's awesome and I LOVE the geek pic!!