Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I guess I am NOT Super Mom!

3 Posts in One Day - One for the records!

This is a vent-a major vent. I know people are busy-I KNOW this, because normally I am too. If you are reading this now, you may want to take a look at the first post I made today, or it may not make much sense.

You know how when your kids are sick, and you are at home all day for weeks-FOUR weeks, you tend to get a bit antsy and neurotic, BECAUSE YOU HAVE BARELY LEFT THE HOUSE??? That's me, right now.

Like I said, I know people are busy. But everyone I know knows that I have been cooped up in my house with sick kids, and do you think they call to see how the kids are doing? How I am doing?? Ok, sure there are a few, but really...I guess in these situations you find out who your friends are, huh? I mean, the phone rings OFF the hook every fricken' day. then they find out the kids are sick, and no one calls? Really?? HELLO! this is when I need my friends. Oh wait-I take it back. They DO call. They call because they are frustrated that I cannot fulfill my regular commitments (and if you know me, you know I am not flaky and that I take my commitments seriously). And then they are taken aback when I am not all gung ho and rarin' to go on things that I am normally extremely passionate about. Well, sorry people. I am more passionate about my kids and their well beings. I am more passionate about the fact that my daughter has had SEVERAL bladder infections in the past 6 months and that it may be something a tad more serious. I am MORE passionate about my family. And I am breaking here. I am really breaking because my children's health is something I have no f-ing control over. I just want to make them all better, and I cannot. Just don't tell Nolan that I am not Super Mom. I don't know how he would take it.


Crazymamaof6 said...

oh I'm sorry that sucks! i hate when people just don't get you actually ahve alot on your plate for once. and you might not wanna hear their bitching and moaning. being home with sick kinds ROTS! and even worse is when they feel yucky and whiny and you can't do much for them. i feel ya.

my baby has been sick for 3 days and i am hating being trapped home with him. and just want him to feel better. no fun being the mom some days.

hugs for you for making your family a priority! you are super mom!

crystal said...

I agree--we all tend to forget the needs of a friend when her kids are sick. I'm guilty.

Unusually Unusual Mom said...

I am SO sorry thing have been icky! I noticed you hadn't posted in a while and missed ya!

My baby was sick all last week, and because my hubby gets more time he does sick-duty. Which leaves me with complete mommy-guilt because I'm not there for them...sucks either way!

Thing'll get better - these things always come in cycles!!

I'll echo the hugs that carzymamaof6 sent!

Jeannene said...

"Dearest Kelly,

I had to stop and write this to you, cause you have been so on my mind NON~STOP and really quite care about you your kids and your situation.

You dear said you would call me when the kids and things were better. I am waiting for your call. Sometimes I believe other don't want to call cause they know how hard it is and don't want to bother the family who is sick, I still care and have been dying to talk to your sweet voice!!

So I hope to hear from you any day, if you want me to call let me know...

Love ya!

Jeannene said...




jenn said...

I know how it is when people don't understand that the kids come first. Especially when they are sick.

My little one has had several bladder infections, and the doctor said the next one, if she has another one, will warrant a trip to the specialist. They said something about a narrow "pee shoot" and her not being able to totally empty her bladder. The doctor said it is easily fixed. Might be something to ask about.

Try and have a better day today. I'll be sending happy vibes your way!

Cecily R said...

Okay, this is the second time I've tried to comment here. My dumb computer died the first time.

What I said the first time and what I'm saying now is that if we lived closer I would a)bring you something for dinner that even I can't mess up and b)stay with your sick kids for a while (a few germs don't scare me!) so you could go anywhere but home. Wish we were closer.

Can I send you a pizza?

Sorry you are having such a rough time...

Jeannene said...

Heya!! I hope you guys enjoyed the soup! Come by and see my TT PLEASE and PLEASE leave me a comment, haven't heard from you in a while. "Yes, I know you all have had a Nasty BUG, OK your excused...lol!!"


Leeann said...

I can't even imagine. When my hubby is working and I am stuck home(because what crazy person would CHOOSE to go anywhere, with 4 young kids, alone?) I start going crazy. Absolutely nuts. And that doesn't last more than 5-6 days. I can't imagine weeks on end. You need a day out, alone. Don't worry that your husband is probably feeding your kids cupcakes for breakfast....GO!!! RUN!!!! And whatever you do...DON'T LOOK BACK!

Leeann said...

And P.S.---you e-mail me, I'll send you my phone number. Call me anytime. I'm always up for conversation with someone that doesn't call me Mommy.

Eccentricities Studio said...

Reading back a few posts to get caught up on life in Kelly's world.

Girl, I FEEL your pain. Really, truly.

I've had sick kids for two weeks ... not the four you've had but still. Same thing. The phone did NOT ring ONCE for someone to ask if we were all okay or if we needed anything. Our families and friends ALL know we have 7 kids and that my DH is a full-time student in a very intense accelerated program right now ... and does ANYONE even care to check on us ... H**L no. You DO find out who your friends are. And I know one thing for certain ... if my blog friends lived in close-enough proximity ... they would ALL have at least brought some soup to my front door OR called if they had my phone number.

Hope you're all feeling better now.

Dana -- from the pissed-off Mom's club! ROTF!