Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pet Peeves

I have QUITE a few of them, pet peeves, that is.

My mom used to have a mug that read: If a woman's place is in the home, why am I always in the car??
I remember rolling my eyes at her, thinking, "Whatever!" Now that I have three kids of my own and am a self proclaimed, "Stay At HOME mom," I wanna know the answer too. Why AM I always in the freakin' car?? I am never ever even home.

Next pet peeve. SELF FLUSHING TOILETS! I hate these things. I don't know who made these, but I do believe they should be shot. So, I sit down. I urinate. Dare I wipe? Well, of course I do; I am a female. It's not as though I can SHAKE it out. So I move, ever so slightly forward, and WHOOOOOSHHHH! Before I can even wipe, it flushes. So, now I am very irritated because we all know that toilets are nasty unsanitary things. So, who knows whose fecal matter just jumped up and splashed all over my, get the drift. Ticks me off to say the least.

I will only do three so you don't all think I am a crazed lunatic. And I apologize in advance for this one, as many people do this. I cannot STAND music on webpages, blogs, etc. My husband gets up very early and I often cannot sleep as early as he does. So, I sit in bed with the laptop. I usually mute the volume first, but I don't always remember. So, at midnight I sit to browse the web, and here comes Shakira (or whomever) blaring through the speakers. I scramble through the page to find the music player and the pause button. I hope I am not the only one who can't stand this. I don't mind people having music, but just set it so that I have the option of listening to it if I so choose.


Jeannene said...

"TAGGG YOUR ITTT!!!" Come to my blog and check it out!! (LOL) NO, backing out...


Jeannene said...

"Love your Picture in the corner!!!"

And Yeah Right, you were referring to me with the "music thing" on my blog...LOL!!

lisa said...

I agree with you about the self flushing toilets. You wipe and get wet. So you wipe again and get wet again its a never ending cycle.

MamaLee said...

Sorry I sometimes play music on my blogs and scare the pants off of ya!