Sunday, August 26, 2007


My son is getting baptized at 2:00 today. He is 11, almost 12. I told him that when he decided to follow Christ on his own, voluntarily, that he could be baptized. He saw a brochure at church for the baptism and said he was ready to do it. I talked to him a little about it to be sure he understood. Then I told him that if he was ready, then he needed to take the initiative to call the appropriate people and get it all set up. He called and set it all up, then he talked to the Children's Ministry director, all on his own. So, today is his baptism. Today is the day that my son is a new person; a person living for Christ. I am so proud of my boy!


Jeannene said...

"That is so awesome Kelley!" I am proud of your son too, you are a very blessed mother and what proud parents you two must be!! My, blessings and Congrats to you all!!
Happy Sunday!!

Jeannene said...

By the your side links, could i add one to my site, she is so inspirational..can you guess which one??

lisa said...

Hey Kelly
How were the snacks for his baptism?
It is awesome that he did that all on his own. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!