Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank YOU HolleeAnn!

I got an email from HolleeAnn just because she misses me and I realized that I needed to post an update.

I have so much to say, too. I may have to do it in phases.

Grammie is doing great! She moved out of her house and into a Retirement Community. It turns out the reason she was dizzy and passing out is because she didn't have the energy to eat anymore. She could eat, but she couldn't cook. So she was eating 3 crackers with peanut butter each day. Now, she walks to the Dining Hall three times a day for her meals and if she misses one, she gets a phone call and they bring her food. She turned 90 on the 30th.

Here she is at her party:

Just try and tell me she isn't the cutest thing you ever did see. Don't worry though, we scolded her for the shortness of her skirt. We were there looking through old pictures and things and there was a photo of her in a BIKINI. OMGosh you guys, she was so flippin' cute! At one point, Zac's cousin says, "Wow, Gram, you have always been a hottie!" Gram says, "Oh, yes, Katie, I really have always been." Good to know all this trouble in her life hasn't caused any self esteem issues. LOL!

Thanks for thinking of us all and I will absolutely get back on the blog ball! I need you guys! And thanks again, HolleeAnn. You made my week (10 days ago!)


Mamarazzi said...

Awww...You. Are. Welcome.

i am glad that Grammie is doing better. 3 crackers with peanut butter is not enough to sustain a hottie like her.

i love the short skirt...if you got it flaunt it!

thanks for the update. i super duper really big time miss you!

Cecily R said...

I was just thinking about you the other day! Glad things are good around your neck of the woods.

And Grammie IS a hottie!!

crystal said...

Phew! You are alive! Grammie is a cutie-patootie.

Mandy /Mommy Cracked said...

Great to see an update from you!