Thursday, December 13, 2007

TT #11 - 13 Favorite Mom Quotes!

These are all from the Hallmark book, "It's a Mom Thing" by Tina Neidlein. There are so many more quotes it was SO hard to pick only 13!!

1. . I still try to buy cute underwear, but not too cute, because what do you think got me into this mess?

2. So, if I become a stay-at-home mom, does that mean the kids have to stay home, too? Just checking.

3. Those last 5 post-baby pounds are impossible to lose! Especially when you haven't lost the first 20!

4. Wow...I must've kidproofed the cleaning supply cabinet a little too well. Apparently, even my husband can't get into it!

5. Weird how having a baby makes you remember to take that birth control pill. And sometimes two, just in case

6. Shouldn't running errands count as exercise?'s called "running!"

7. Telling another adult you have to "go potty" doesn't make you pathetic. Okay, but just a little.

8. Show me a mom without stretch marks and I'll show you --- actually, I'll just sob. Maybe don't show me that mom, 'kay?

9. There are so many fairy tales I love..."The Mom Who Found Time to Paint Her Nails." That's a good one.

10. They call it a baby "shower" because it may be the last shower you ever get to enjoy again.

11. Can someone please send me to time-out? Hour...half- hour...I' ll sit quietly --- I promise!

12. "Who's the Tiredest Mom" is not a competition! But if it is...I'm winning!

13. "What to expect?" (There is a picture of a stork with a baby in the book) Here, let me sum it up for you real quick ----- 1. Lots of worry 2. Not lots of sleep


jenn said...

3,8,&11 are my favorites. Now that my kids are older, I can shower in peace...I just wait til they go to school!
Happy tt!

Leeann said...

I love, love, love #8. Somehow, I am the only one in my family (counting Mom, Mom-in-law and 2 sisters) that HAVE the blasted things. It's not fair!

damozel said...

Moms amaze me. I've never been one myself, and I just can't get over the amounts of energy and love and sheer stamina they show. Those are all very funny quotes! The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals behaving oddly)

DrillerAA said...

I'm a grandpa and I love this list. It sounds like my daughter.
After four kids, they both got fixed, just to be safe.

Cecily R said...

Number 8 made me laugh outloud. HEEEE HEEEE! They are all funny. I play the who's the tiredest mommy game all the time. I win a lot. BOOOO.