Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shopping and Make-Up

I went!!!!!!! My sweet daughter felt much better Saturday morning. My husband took the day off to stay home with the kids and I went shopping with my girlfriends. There were two buses with 90 women! Holy geez, that's a lot of women! Believe was! You should have heard all the hens on the ride up cackling away!
We got there, and we went to Macy's and I found a ton of stuff that my daughter does not need, but HAS to have! Teenie Wahine by Roxy was all on sale, so I ahd no choice. Then we went and had a 30 dollar lunch at the Neiman Marcus (Needless MarkUp) restaurant, Rotunda. Not worth it. But, one of our friends had heard wonderful things about it and insisted we go there. I know, we could have gone somewhere else, but the company was awesome. My friend, Monica and I spent a good part of the rest of the day complaining about the $30 lunch! Then we walked around the city and did a lot of people watching and laughing! There are some FREAKS up in that city!
Then, about an hou before it was time to leave, we went to the MAC counter. My friend asked how long it would take to do a make over. The lady said 20 minutes and so I got a make over. It was a little much for me, but it was fun, and apparently my eyes looked fabulous. I ended up buying QUITE a bit of make up. I love MAC, and though I don't wear make up often, I really wanted it. And what mommy wants, mommy gets.
I am sure you are wondering why Kendall got stuff, but I got nothing for the boys. Here is a conversation I had with Kendall the other day (she is 3, mind you.)

Kendall: Mom, do you know why I WANT everything?
Me: No, honey, I don't Why DO you want everything?
Kendall: Because I am a princess!!
Me: Yes, you are my princess, honey.
Kendall: Yeah, and princesses get EVERYTHING they want!

Riiiiightttt. Still trying to figure out how to get that Furreal PONY....NOT!


Bethany said...

I'm so glad you got to go...sounds like you had a wonderful time! I saw the Furreal Pony yesterday at Walmart. Freaky!

TheVasquez3 said...

i am so glad you got to go!! it sounds like it was a total blast!!

good for you!

Kellan said...

I'm so jealous, but so glad you got to go. It sounds fabulous and your baby is right - they are our Princess' and it's hard to resist! Take care. Kellan

sheri said...

Yay!!! That's awesome you got to go! How incredibly fun! I need some friends who live nearby. It seems over the past 2 years, all my "local" friends have moved away. Stupid high prices in SoCal.

Cecily R said...

So glad you got to go!!!! Sounds like you had a great time.

Ugghh. That stupid pony! Gracie is BEGGING for it and does not follow my logic about why Santa can't get her one. Since there isn't much logic behind my reasoning I guess I really can't fault her on that one.

All I know is that she is NOT getting one. Last thing I need is furreal horse poop all over the house!

Bethany said...

AWWW! you got to go!!!! And please... tell me what you got from MAC... any lipglass? Hmmm... any paint pots? LOL I'm a makeup fanatic! PLEASE DO TELL! And do we get a pic of the wonderful makeover? HMMMMM?

And that pony is EVIL. I swear. I'm so glad that my little "princess" can't speak yet.

And I want to thank you for "introducing me" to Jeannene. She's great! Now if you two only live a bit closer ;)


lisa said...

Mac makeup is so wonderful. Every time Tink watches T.V. she wants everything they advertise it is getting way old. They had that stupid pony last year and she didn't even look at it twice. She only wants it because the ads are on all the time. I glad you got time away. Shopping is fun when you go with someone who is a compatible shopper. Do you do this every year?

Leeann said...

How fun! I would love a day out and about with no one under the age of 16 tagging along!

Cecily R said...

I'm with Kendall. I want every thing too. Does she have any advice on how to get it?

Gracie still isn't getting that stupid pony.

Cecily R said...

I'm responding to your comment on my silly list here....

I am totally looking forward to your thankful list. And really, since humor is so much a part of you (you never fail to give me a giggle or two or three or four), I think it should have some of your humor spice in it. Just wouldn't be the same if you didn't!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your great family. Thanks so much for always commenting and being a big part of my blog family. Your blog and your comments always make me happy.

xo Cec

Becky said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you got some "mom" time, and had some good adult conversation on your shopping trip. Mom's need a little me-time to recharge their batteries. Hope your little one is feeling better, too!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am glad to hear you treated deserve it! We all know it does not happen often enough!

I plan on indulging a little this weekend!