Monday, October 15, 2007

Our camping disaster.

We tried to go camping this weekend. It was supposed to be wonderful. We had big hopes, that didn't exactly include rain! We went to Big Sur, Ca. We got there and it was raining. HARD. We set up my Coleman Geosport Shade (that I got on clearance for $25 at Target) and stayed under that until the rain settled. Then we decided to set up our tent. Halfway through, it started pouring again. So, we erected the tent as quickly as we could. Then, we went out to dinner. I put towels over our duffel bags of clothes, so they wouldn't get drenched. That didn't work out. When we got back, there were PUDDLES in our tent and our clothes were all drenched. Thankfully we all had some sort of air bed to sleep on, so we wouldn't get too wet. The kids all fell asleep quickly, because that's what kids do. BUT...our immediate neighbors of 25+ people thought it would be a great idea to PARTY (screaming and yelling and talking over each other...drunk) until about 2:30 am. Just freakin' great. We were not sleeping through that. So my husband goes out to say something and they have the nerve to tell him he is RUDE! My husband went to the check in lodge to get someone to shut them up, and no one was to be found (How exactly do they ENFORCE the 10 pm quiet time??) We weren't about to pack up and wake the kids at that time, so we sucked it up and slept as best we could. First thing in the morning, we went and talked the the people at check in, got our money back, and left. It was a miserable weekend. I will never camp again in October.

On a lighter note, my big boy turned 12 yesterday! We got him a bike, and he is SO excited. I love him so much-he's such a good boy!


Cecily R said...

Silly Kelly, camping in October! YOu know what though, it's those times that the kids will remember, you wait and see! Mom and Dad stuck it out for the memories! Yay you!

Last year Jon's family's family reunion was camping in Northern Utah. We had a grand time, but the Cooks are a notoriously loud bunch even without being drunk and we got warned by the noise police about the quiet time rule twice.

This year we got cabins and got the police called on us for being loud!!!! Like I said, none of us even drink!

Sorry about your cruddy weekend. I bet the clean up once you got home was no fun either!

Happy birthday to your big 12 year old! :)

MamaLee said...

Happy birthday to the big man!

And I had a similar experience with camping years back - I can't understand how the partiers could think that WE are rude for asking them to cut the noise.



Anonymous said...

Oooh Kelly - you are so pretty. I wish I was your friend....I could really use a friend. I live in Georgia and nobody likes me....waaa.

Okay - so kidding. Just wanted to say hello. Andrea misses you bunches. Have an awesome day.

Jeannene said...

Kelly dear,

Well...Well...Well, looks like we both had a not so good time with our "camping experience!!" Glad you all are home, safe and sound.

Girl, i want Andrea's better give it to me...LOL!!