Saturday, June 16, 2007

Uppercase Living

I am an Independent Distributor for a company Called Uppercase Living. I first, must say that I have never been the type to even get excited about these home shows, let alone sign up to sell the stuff! But I am very excited about this product! They are inexpensive, decorative Expressions for your walls. These expressions come in different sizes and you choose which color you want. They are absolutely gorgeous, easy to apply and adds so much to your home. Uppercase Living is a company that is growing quickly! People are so eager to get in on this company because it is a new, innovative way to decorate your home. Who doesn't want that?? We are always looking for new Demonstrators!

Taken from th
e UL website:
We at Uppercase Living believe in the power of words, in the beauty of elegant design, and in the transforming quality that both can have in a home.

We offer hundreds of pre-designed catalog expressions as well as the option to custom design any expression you would like. These expressions can be placed easily and seamlessly on your walls or any other smooth surface. Witty phrases, spiritual quotes, meaningful sayings passed on for generations – you’ll find that Uppercase Living and when you experience our product firsthand, you’ll believe it too. These expressions complement your home with what they say as well as the way they look.

If this looks like something you'd be interested in, please log on to the website at
Demonstrator ID: 969899
Registration token: Kelly

If you are in Central California and you would like to host an Open House, let me know and I would be happy to do one for you! Or if you have an expression you would like to order, I can get that for you, also.

We are in need of demonstrators in many states as this is a fairly new company. Right now, we only have demonstrators in a small handful of states, the most being in California, Iowa, Utah and South Dakota. If you are interested in getting this product out there and a wonderful job opportunity, please contact me. I would love to get any information to you!!

Some of my favorite expressions from my customers
and friend's customers homes:

We also have Bible Verses and Inspirational quotes which I really love! Check out the online catalog. If you have any questions at all, email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!!


Jeannene said...


blogger to have!!

Very nice Kelly, you are really making me want to go into the business NOW!!

Gotta go, but you will not hear the last of MY COMMENTS on you Awesome

Also will add you too, probably under my family or personal friend


Dana said...

Hi Kelly!

Jeannene came shouting to my blog that I had to come and see your new adventure in Uppercase Living. WOW, I just LOVE IT!!! I will be moving into a new house later this summer and I would adore the opportunity to try something like this out!!! I'm leaving on vacation and I'll be back the first week of July ... I'll come back and check it out better after I return!